Punky Bluester
"These guys are f****ing good."
Performing Every Tuesday night at Mojo's Blues Club (One East California Ave, 73104)

What do you get when you take 3 seasoned musicians with completely different backgrounds, but with a common love of both the Blues and Aggressive, grunge and hard rock?  If you sprinkle in some Kempmusik original songwriting, you've got one hell of a party band- a band, the likes of which emerges only once or twice in a generation.  These guys seem to be carefully planning to improvise they're way through a gig.  but they are also highly polished.  If this sounds unusual, then say 'hello,' i'd like you to meet: "Punky Bluester" 


Timmy Braun, drums

"No one knows what lurks in his mind or what he's plotting in his quickly developing mind but one thing is for sure, If you give him a pair of drumsticks, he'll beat on just about anything." -Jimmy Lawrence, Drum Tech, Sums Timmy up quite nicely, but what else can we say?  Timmy is a drummer with metal at the core- characterized by lightning quick fills, and timely grooves that will get everyone moving to the beat -  He is one of the most sought-after drummers in town, performing  with hard rock and metal bands; Anti Mortem and Trainwreck. Timmy enjoys the chance to stretch his musical muscles with Punky, ''I like the freedom of the blues- a song can start one place and end up somewhere else entirely... but you have to have players that can handle the spontaneity, that’s why we have Tim & Matt in the band.”

Cheap Sunglasses Live!Punky Bluester
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Matt Kemp, guitar/bass/vocals

It has been said that when Matt Leads a song, "He's like Jim Morrison, [of the Doors] with a guitar."  It's a fair comparison.  Kemp likes each song to be thoughtfully arranged, but with a healthy dose of improvisation for a sort of controlled chaos. Songs often just sort of happen when kemp is onstage, he's fearlessly improvisatory. Sometimes he will subtly reference motifs across different songs, and other times, he'll go straight through from one tune to another without ever stopping, and with little-to-no-warning for his bandmates. "it keeps things interesting.  I like to make sure my rhythm section stays on their toes" says Matt, who co-leads the group, trading bass, guitar and lead vocal duties with Newcombe once or twice a night. This trade of instruments and vocal limelight is playfully referred to by the band as the
"Do-si-do."  So once you think you've seen all this band has to offer, they shake things up and keep everyone guessing. 

Death Letter/ 5:1 LIVE!Punky Bluester
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Tim Newcombe, guitar/bass/vocals

Tim has the distinction of being the "Fastest Man on Earth"... (on guitar). Truth be told,  When Tim was born, the doctors were amazed that he already had an electric guitar in his tiny hands.  "and the kid could shred!  I've never seen anything like it in all my career" said the delivery room doctor after baby Tim was born into the world, "Go, baby. Go!"  you can still hear the doctor shout from the back of the house at most Punky gigs.  Tim is a veteran guitar player, who is well-known and respected by his peers for his unique style, drawing influence from the Pop and Rock of the 70's 80's & 90's. Tim shares front man duties, trading guitar with Kemp for bass at least once per show, known as the 'do-si-do.' when asked why they bother to change instruments at all, " It keeps things interesting, and it keeps everyones energy up where it ought to be.  Although the trio have played together under various names for at least 3 years, it is safe to say that
Punky Bluester is just warming up

Black Magic Woman LIVE!Punky Bluester
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