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Didj Man "Prodidjous"

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This is an all original, full length album of Aboriginal/African/Indigenous-style music produced by Matt Kemp and Ed "Didj Man" Thornton. it features multiple layers of layered didjeridoo and percussion. Some folks like to use the music to aide in meditation or to help them fall asleep, others enjoy it while they work at the office or around the house. it really depends on your attitude and current frame of mind as to how you will understand what you hear. in any case, you have not heard anything like this before! 7 tracks that transcend time and tell the story of man, a story as old as time and as new as the morning sun, a story as unique as a man, but ubiquitous as all men. It is the story of everything and nothing, all at once for an eternity that has already passed, and is still yet to come. A must-have for anyone with an open mind! Well loved by high power CEO's and barefoot potheads alike. get yours today!

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