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“I always look forward to my next production with RK1 – top-notch production, effortless creative collaboration & just a great time every minute I’m there. It’s always fun & that energy is always reflected in the final piece. Usually all I need is a cold can of Diet Dr Pepper to make me happy. Randy & Matt give me so much more.”
– Brian Winkeler / Robot House Creative

Commercial Audio

Awards are nice. We’ve won a lot over the past decades (and counting!). But it’s our easy attitude and love of collaboration that makes every session a breeze for our clients. We’d love for you to listen to some of our favorite projects.

Commercial Reel 1 - RK1 Studios
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Tricked Out Car Spots

Tricking out a radio ad is an art form in an of itself, we just love creating dynamic audio, in English or in Spanish!

Westpointe CJDR - Tricked Out Car Spot
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Glavan Ford - Tricked Out Car Spot
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Fenton Hyundai - Tricked Out Car Spot
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Post Production

We want you to 'see it on the radio,' but we also want you to 'hear it on TV.'  Post production, adding music and sound effects to visuals, can really bring a project to life!

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