“I always look forward to my next production with RK1 – top-notch production, effortless creative collaboration & just a great time every minute I’m there. It’s always fun & that energy is always reflected in the final piece. Usually all I need is a cold can of Diet Dr Pepper to make me happy. Randy & Matt give me so much more.”
– Brian Winkeler / Robot House Creative

Awards are nice. We’ve won a lot over the past decades (and counting!). But it’s our easy attitude and love of collaboration that makes every session a breeze for our clients. We’d love for you to listen to some of our favorite projects.

Commercial Reel 1 - RK1 Studios
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Tricking out a radio ad is an art form in an of itself, we just love creating dynamic audio, in English or in Spanish!

Westpointe CJDR - Tricked Out Car Spot
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Glavan Ford - Tricked Out Car Spot
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Fenton Hyundai - Tricked Out Car Spot
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We want you to 'see it on the radio,' but we also want you to 'hear it on TV.'  Post production, adding music and sound effects to visuals, can really bring a project to life!

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