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Merchandise!  There is no better way to support an independent artist, than by purchasing directly from the artists you enjoy.  Anything you buy on this page 100% supports Kempmusik.  This is my only job.  Thanks for your support, we thrive because of your

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Punky Picks

In stock
Product Details

Put a little punky in your playing with official Punky Bluester guitar picks! Fearless Leader doesn't always use a pick to play the guitar, but when he does, this is the exact pick he uses! it is a classic pick shape in solid white (so you can find them when dropped on stage) with the Punky Logo prominent in full color on one side. It is a .88mm derlin plastic pick (the same thickness as the green Jim Dunlop picks). Makes a great just-because gift or stocking stuffer for the six-stringer in your life.
$5/each or $10 for 10 picks

Sorry, but alternate thickness or customization is not available for this product.

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