In Loving Memory

This page is dedicated to the memory of loved ones who impacted our lives, and still influence us to this day, even if they are no longer with us.

Mr. Chili

Mr. Chili was The best dog ever.

His story begins on his day of adoption, when Matt went to an event held by the Bella Foundation in OKC.  Earlier in the week Matt looked at Bellas website and saw a picture of this dog who would be available at the adoption. At the time his foster family called him "Matthew."  Which was a clear sign that this dog was meant for Matt.  He literally had his name on him!  The little dog went home with Matt that very day. From that moment on the two were veritably inseparable. Chili had a life full of adventure.  In his short time Chili travelled to 26 states, including all 3 coasts, and by the time of the pandemic would regularly ride on Matt's motorcycle with him.  He went everywhere with Matt, to the studio, to his gigs, anywhere he could legally go.  They spent many nights camping and many days swimming at the lake, or hiking in nature.  Until one day late in 2021, Chili became ill, and in spite of every possible action taken to help him to pull through he did not make it. Mr. Chili died on Christmas eve, 2021.  Matt says, 'losing Chili is one of he hardest things i've had to deal with.  Its like there's a great big hole in my life now.  I miss him everyday. i just want the world to know that Mr. Chili was one of the greats.  He brought a smile to everyone's face.  Everybody loved him, and wanted to be his friend. i will always remember that little dog who had my name on him.  i will always carry him in my heart."

IF there really is a Heaven, Mr. Chili is there now, waiting for his dad so they can be together again.

What a good boy.

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O.H. "Hal" Kemp

Hal Kemp represents the first generation of Kemp men to make a caereer in broadcasting. Randy is his son, and Matt is his grandson.  Matt remembers visiting his Papa K and Mama K at their home in Abilene, TX often.  "anytime we would go out to eat or to the mall or a movie, people would always want to say hello to my Papa K.  He was a very well known and well liked man in west Texas in his day."  Well known, because he sat in the anchor chair at KTAB TV station delivering the evening news.  But it was really the matriarch of the family, Dortha, who is responsible for getting the Kemp family into broadcasting, when she took a job as a bookkeeper at KTLQ radio in Tahlequah, OK.  Hal held many jobs in the industry during his life, in radio and TV  On-Air and as station manager.  Papa K was a great man, and I think he'd be proud of the work we continue  today."

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