Punky Bluester
"we exist to drink booze and rock out, so everybody drink up."
Performing Every Tuesday night, 9ish, at Mojo's Blues Club (One East California Ave, 73104)

What would happen if the Blues Breakers and Nirvana had a baby?  Would the result be some inhuman abomination against nature?  I mean, does hallmark make a card for that?  No, they do not.  This is something totally new. This is not your daddy's blues.  This is the blues on whiskey and speed...and mushrooms.  This is Blues with a punk rock attitude-howling at the moon at 4 am. This is the alternative to the alternative. This is the new chapter in the latest rise of Rock and Roll.   This band is the reason someone called the cops. If this sounds strange, or dangerous, or like a hell-of-a-lot-of-fun, then say 'hello,' i'd like you to meet:
"Punky Bluester" 



Timmy Braun, drums

"No one knows what lurks in his mind or what he's plotting but one thing is for sure, If you give him a pair of drumsticks, he'll beat on just about anything." -Jimmy Lawrence, Drum Tech, Sums Timmy up quite nicely, but what else can we say?  Timmy is a drummer with metal at the core- characterized by lightning quick fills, and timely grooves that will get everyone moving to the beat. He is one of the most sought-after drummers around, performing  with hard rock and metal bands; Anti Mortem and Trainwreck. Timmy enjoys the chance to flex his musical muscles with Punky, ''I like the freedom of the blues- a song can start one place and end up somewhere else entirely... it's just like that one time in Wichita... [laughs] and basically that's Punky Bluester”

LIVE- Sister Do You Know My Name (white stripes cover)Punky Bluester
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Matt Kemp, guitar/vocals

It has been said that when Matt Leads a song, "He's like Jim Morrison, [of the Doors] with a guitar."  It's a fair comparison.  Kemp likes each song to be thoughtfully arranged, but with a healthy dose of improvisation for a sort of controlled chaos. Songs often just materialize when Kemp is onstage because he's fearlessly improvisatory. Sometimes he will subtly reference motifs across different songs, and other times, he'll go straight through from one tune to another without ever stopping, and with little-to-no-warning for his bandmates. "it keeps things interesting.  I like to make sure my rhythm section stays on their toes" says Matt, who  is the bands lead songwriter, guitarist, and singer.  His witty sarcasm can be so dry, people sometimes wonder if he's talking seriously, but the on-stage banter with bandmates and audience members keeps the energy relaxed and fun.  in his own words, 'if you're not having a good time, it's your own fault.' Tru dat.

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Heavy Blues (original)Punky Bluester
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Jon O'neal, guitar/vocals.

Joining the group in late September of 2021, Jon O’Neal is a man of few words…he lets the music do the talking for him. With a unique ability to draw the audience in, Jon is known for his soulful vocal styling and his ability to perform a diverse range of music styles. To top it all off, his guitar playing is stellar, drawing influences from early Rock n Roll to heavy metal and beyond. He's a graduate of the Berkley College of music in Boston, and according to Kemp he is; 'probably the best singer in the group.'  So one must ask, what is he doing here with Punky?  "Dont get into a game of high stakes Farkle with Matt.  just, dont."  is Jon's only explanation.  Which goes to show, that you can take the punk out of the gutter, but you can't take the gutter from the Punk.  We're glad he's on board.

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