Punky Bluester
"OKC's hometown team of loveable gutter punks"
"Magnificent Creature" is still not ready yet. Please do not let it affect your well being.  We understand your eagerness to hear the new material, but were not going to put anything out there until its ready.  We're just not.  but if you want to  speed things up, you can give us a nudge here. 
Or, come see us at the Luau...
Punky's Rock N Roll Luau, dance party & boozestravaganza
Tuesdays at Mojo's Blues Club all summer long!
 9ish - close, no cover!
1 East California Ave, 73104
(on the NW corner of the canal in Bricktown)


Timmy Braun, drums

"No one knows what lurks in his mind or what he's plotting but one thing is for sure, If you give him a pair of drumsticks, he'll beat on just about anything." -Jimmy Lawrence, Drum Tech, Sums Timmy up quite nicely, but what else can we say?  Timmy is a drummer with metal at the core- characterized by lightning quick fills, and timely grooves that will get everyone moving to the beat. He is one of the most sought-after drummers around, performing  with hard rock and metal bands; Anti Mortem and Trainwreck. Timmy enjoys the chance to flex his musical muscles with Punky, ''I like the freedom of the blues- a song can start one place and end up somewhere else entirely... it's just like that one time in Wichita... [laughs] and basically that's Punky Bluester”

Heavy Blues (original) 22.0809Punky Bluester
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Jayson, vocals


Jayson’s origin story is as dark and  mysterious as the man.  Here’s what we know for sure:  Jayson was Born in Queens, NY into a musical family.   His dad sang with salsa bands in New York and Puerto Rico.  While his mom cleaned houses to earn money for piano and voice lessons for Jayson and his younger brother. Soon after moving to Oklahoma, Jayson’s vocal talent was recognized, when he got a position in an Opera company at 12 years old.  Since that time, Jayson has sung with ensembles including the Operatic, Canterbury Choral Society, throughout college, all-state choirs, Oklahoma Arts institute at Quartz Mountain, as well as successful rock/pop groups like My Nevermind, Ambiance, and Dita’s Tears. Jayson credits his diverse musical tastes to a childhood home filled with music from the radio or one of Moms LP’s spinning on the turntable. He never lost his edge however, and is excited to get to explore his lifelong love of the blues on stage with longtime friend, and  other half of Dita’s Tears, Matt Kemp.  Jayson brings much needed vocal chops to punky.  And his light hearted energy fits perfectly with the groups fun, quirky stage presence. 

Steel Train (original) 22.0809Punky Bluester
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Matt Kemp, guitar/vocals

When Matt Kemp Leads a song, he's a lot like Jim Morrison, [of the Doors] ...but with a guitar."  Songs materialize out of nowhere when Kemp is onstage because he's fearlessly improvisatory.   "I've always heard that if you're the smartest guy in the room, you're in the wrong room." Kemp explains, "So I know I'm in the right band, because everyone else in Punky Bluester is way better-er than me." He's got a good lineup, no doubt about that.  But Kemp's confidence on stage has roots in the studio, where he leads the band in production and songwriting. He drives that prowess like a ships wheel, to steer the Vessel Punky. Whether in the studio or on stage, he remains as calm as a captain, but his humility may only be as subtle as his witty sarcasm, which can be so dry that the audience may wonder if he's being serious.  But the
on-stage banter with bandmates and audience members keeps the energy relaxed and fun.  In his own words, "If you're not having a good time, it's your own fault." Aye aye, Captain!

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