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RK1 Studios Logo 2015.jpg

People just like to be here, create here

& make their next great project here.

Kempmusik 'Artist Services'
at RK1 recording studio
Audio, Creative, and Consultation
for musicians, producers & actors –

with Matt Kemp.

Together we can create something  great!

All For More music video production still
Punky Bluester will Rock the F out for you
Founder/Director Matt Kemp at the helm
Family Portrait, 2020
Randy Kemp (RK1) doing what he does best
RK the 1st
the cleaning lady comes tomorrow
Matt Kemp deep in thought
I love this plac4
Pots and Faders and Cables, oh my!
Many of these pics taken by Jesica Pierson
Melissa Blair
Matt Mixing
Lily Sings
Nia Personette
Stephanie Short and Chris Gaches
Randy on the Mic
Ridck Toops
Randy Reading
Carol Morgan
Chili Dog
Stephen Salewon
Crazy Eddie, the Didj Man

Kempmusik @ RK1 Studios
Convenient downtown location:
215 S Walker

Oklahoma City, OK 73109

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