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A fantastic debut record, "Punky Bluester vs the Magnificent Creature," is a unique and intriguing turn on the Rock genre

Oklahoma City, OK — August 15, 2023 - A fusion of creative styles and moods, multi-genre icon Punky Bluester emerges as a refreshing gust of artistic freedom. Their rock-infused sound, influenced by Punk, Metal, and Grunge, sets the stage for an exhilarating journey through the sonic tapestry of traditional Blues.

With their debut record "Punky Bluester vs the Magnificent Creature" poised to captivate ears, this Oklahoma City-based band is rewriting the rules of musical fusion. The artist’s music is a rollercoaster ride through genres, a delightful collision of influences that keeps listeners on their toes.

Stunning audiences with their unforgettable concoction of traditional blues steeped in the rebellious spirit of Punk, Punky Bluester embodies Punk with the raw emotion of Grunge.

Delivering a rich and eclectic musical journey, "Punky Bluester vs the Magnificent Creature" promises to be a revelation, a sonic adventure that defies expectations and challenges preconceived notions.

The seasoned collective is taking an innovative approach, offering their music first to their loyal email subscribers before it graces the streaming platforms. Punky Bluester explains,  "We want to give our subscribers the complete experience. By making the entire record available only to subscribers for a time, and then we'll distribute to the internet listening places later this year."

Punky Bluester is inviting fans to join their email list for an exclusive, limited-time opportunity to access the new album for free, along with a treasure trove of bonus content.

Punky Bluester's mission extends beyond melodies and rhythms. The artists’ aim is to foster unity, to bring people together under the universal banner of music. Through their electrifying performances and genre-blending compositions, the band seeks to dissolve divisions and create connections.

Visit Punky Bluester’s official website and join the artists’ email list to get access to the music for free.  Subscribers also have lifetime access to the bonus content and are presented with exclusive offers from the band.   There may be unspecified additional perks as well.  Punky explains, 'Expect surprises.”

PUnky Band Photo OFficial 2023_saturated.jpeg

Punky Bluester's lineup boasts a roster of talent that adds depth and dimension to their music. The band is composed of Timmy Braun (Texas Hippie Coalition, Anti Mortem), Matt Kemp (Oklahoma Blues Society, Dita's Tears), and Jayson (My Nevermind, Dita's Tears). Their collective artistry forms the backbone of Punky Bluester's sonic journey, a journey that invites you to embrace the fusion of genres and embark on a melodic escapade unlike any other. As Punky Bluester sets the stage for their debut release, their music serves as an open invitation to break free from the norm, embrace the unexpected, and unite in the universal language of sound!

Born amidst the challenging landscape of the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown, the band's genesis was a response to adversity, a defiance against the prevailing uncertainty. While some of the songs had their origins during college days, they have now been meticulously crafted and recorded to perfection.



Punky Bluester
Name: Matt Kemp, Kemmusik, llc
Address: 215 S Walker, OKC, OK
Phone: 405.849.5050

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