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Here you can learn and listen to past  Kempmusik projects some of them have been successful, others not so much.  but however you measure success, there is joy in the doing, love in the sharing, and hope if you listen closely.


Punky Bluester - vs the Magnificent Creature

This is a project which began production pre-covid, n it has been a difficult, frustrating, joyful and very satisfying record to make.  Get the unofficial release for free on this very website, but an official release with mixes by Grammy-winning Engineer Brendan Dekora is probably going to happen later in 2023.

Punky Vs the Magnificent Creature cover.png
Ditas Tears_edited.jpg


Dita's Tears

Another True Collaboration with my long time partner in crime, Jayson Camero.  Jayson and i have known each other since we were kids, and i even played in a band with his younger brother years before this record.  It is a beautiful piece or art that we just didnt have the knowledge or money to promote properly.


Didj Man - Prodidjous

A True collaboration with the Didj Man himself.  This record happened because Ed used to bring his didjes to the blues jams.  so i invited him to the studio because i just wanted to record some didjeridoo.  The day we booked for the session happened to be the summer solstice of that year, and by the end of the night we had the first song, "Solstice" in the can.

Didj Man.jpg


Oklahoma Blues Society - Homegrown Blues

 I had recently been invited by folks from the blues society to judge a band competition, the International Blues Challenge, in OKC.  I did  participate in the judging that year, and soon joined the organization, (later i would serve as president). And so i offered to produce a compilation cd for them, and they accepted.  it was a wonderful catalyst which led to many lasting connections in the state, especially OKC and Tulsa.

Homegrown Blues_edited.jpg


The Diminished - Occultation

An "occultation" in astronomy, is when the moon eclipses a star other than the sun. This project was my attempt to blend Industrial music, with Reggae music. Some of it is actually listenable.


The Diminished - Amelioration

  My First self-produced record that was done in a 'real studio.'  This one is still a very good representation of the sounds in my head. It has lots of good ideas that could have been better executed if i had know how to do that at the time. A few of these tunes appear on later releases. 

kempmusik 1_edited.jpg


Kempmusik I

12 original songs recorded in a bedroom studio before that was even really a thing. during high school and college. More than 1 of these songs appears on a later release, or is still performed live during performances.


Lump of Coal

Good children get gifts from Santa Claus, but what do the bad little boys and girls get?   This one started it all!  11 songs performed acoustically, this was recorded at the Original RK-1 Studio space in OKC, and  engineered by Randy Kemp.  Originally intended as a Christmas Gift for my family, "Lump of Coal" is not just a clever title. 

Lump of Coal_edited_edited.png
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