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Merchandise!  There is no better way to support an independent artist, than by purchasing directly from the artists you enjoy.  Anything you buy on this page 100% supports Kempmusik.  This is my only job.  Thanks for your support, we thrive because of your

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Limited Edition Album Art Postcard Set (set of 8)

In stock
Product Details

Only fifty sets ever printed! Each one of these beautiful post cards is numbered in a limited edition sequence and represents an individual song on the new album, plus one card to depict the album cover, wtth 8 total cards in the set! This original artwork was created by Andrew Grant, with assistance from Robot House Creative in OKC specifically for PBvsMC, and now you can own a piece of the masterpiece. These cards are USPS standard size and can be sent through the mail (stamp not included). Send a quick thank you note to your mama or simply display them in your home or office. Makes a great gift for the Punky fan in your life. Order your complete set today!

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