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Your music should be heard! Don't hesitate!
I make the sound in your head come out of the speakers.

Just in time for Xmas.
(it comes earlier every year)

RK1 Studios Singer/Songwriter Production Package. 

Includes all you need for a professional, 
high quality recording of your song.


Starting at Just $400/song!
Any musical style!
Any instrument!

Bring me your song and i'll do the rest!

Basic Package includes:
-Tracking your song with up to 2 session players (typically drums and bass or guitar)
-Editing, Mixing and digital Mastering (studio magic)

-up to 2 Mix revisions per song!

-satisfaction guaranteed! 

You will like what you hear when it's finished.
that's Matt's Promise!

Must be an original song.  Additional charge for more instruments, prices may vary by session player, contact Matt at the studio for more details. 


215 S Walker,

Oklahoma City, OK 73109


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